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Dwellings, understood as spaces where people live, are not merely static structures, but rather entities in constant evolution. These changes are often influenced by demographic and social shifts, as well as the impacts of urbanization and gentrification on cities.

"Wallpaper" is a photographic project that documents the interiors of homes and properties primarily located in residential neighborhoods of Berlin, destined to dissolve in the continuous flux of the city's real estate dynamics. The deeper narrative emerging from these spaces intertwines with the stories of people, relationships, and communities that over time have imprinted their identity on these places, contributing to shaping their very essence.

While the real estate market and the photographs typically associated with it tend to follow the trends of efficiency and speed, these photographs reflect a different approach, aiming to challenge this rush. The objective is to encourage the observer to reflect, take a moment to breathe, and explore what lies beyond the superficial swiftness.

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