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Stefano Miliffi (1990) is an Italian documentary photographer with a keen focus on capturing the social changes arising from contemporary societal transformations.


In 2012, he pursued his passion for documentary photography at Istituto Marangoni.

Through his long-term research in Morocco, Stefano's journey has led him to acquire a deep awareness of the dynamics and interactions within urban communities. His photographic approach exhibits a versatile visual style, seamlessly transitioning between urban landscapes and intimate portraits.


Currently based in Berlin, he is dedicated to his work as a documentary

and interior design photographer.


      Represented by Contrasto Agency.                        

Based in 10961, Berlin



contact the artist for further requests about prints,

exhibitions and assignments


2021 "Premio Marco Pesaresi" finalist (Ich bin da)

2018 "Premio Voglino" finalist    (Morocco Mall)

2017 “Intarget Photolux Award” 1st    (Morocco Mall)

2017 “Maghreb photography awards”  2nd documentary    (Morocco Mall)

2016 “Photogrvphy Grant” Hon. mention    (Morocco Mall)

2016 “Act´Image”, Merignac,France 3rd    (Berlin Today, Berlin Tomorrow)

2015 “Portfolio Italia” Finalist     (Morocco Mall)


2017 “Photolux Festival”, Lucca, It   (Morocco Mall)

2017 Nuits Photographiques d'Essaouira, Morocco.   (Morocco Mall)

2017 “Les Rencontres de la Photographie”, Arles, France   (Morocco Mall)

2016 “Sestri Levante” IT   (Morocco Mall)

2016 Merignac, France   (Berlin Today, Berlin Tomorrow)

2015 “Portfolio Italia”, Bibbiena, IT   (Morocco Mall)

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