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Morocco Mall - Mindacapes


In December 2023, I started a new photographic project focused on Moroccan society, following up on a broader body of work started in 2014 that explores the country's social and identity changes. In this new phase, I felt the need to document a period of rapid evolution, where Morocco, while maintaining a society rooted in history, is undergoing significant socio-economic transformation driven by technological innovations.

In this dynamic landscape, Morocco embraces change by using technology, while technology, in turn, fuels change by providing solutions to common dynamics of life. Young entrepreneurs are actively involved in reshaping the country's economic and social fabric. They bring innovation and open doors to new employment perspectives. Many return to live in Morocco after long periods abroad, and many decide to stay and get involved. 

Moroccan Mindscapes starts with the narrative of the emerging start-up economy and offers a lens through which to observe a broader reality of the country. Here, stories of entrepreneurial innovation intersect with everyday scenes. Rather than giving answers, this project aims to open a dialogue and reflection on the multilayered aspects related to Moroccan society and its phase of change.

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